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That's Just Super P2 :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 7 4
Mature content
That's Just Super P1 :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 13 18
Mature content
Mother And Child (Filia X Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 19 18
That's Just Super (DC comics X Male Reader)
The Prologue for a DC Universe Online X Reader :D
Please answer ALL of the questions at the bottom in the comments.
Legend: (F/N)First name
Prologue: Good or Evil
(F/N)'s POV:
It was an average day in my dull life. That was until an odd cloud covered the planet, and though we didn't know it at the time, the world was about to become a LOT more interesting.
"Why do I feel so weird?" I asked myself as I got out of bed the next day. "Reports are coming in around the world as millions of people are waking up to find that they have gained super powers!" The tv blurted out after I turned it on, on my way to the toilet. "Lucky jerks." I used the can, and got a shower not realizing what had happened until I saw myself in the mirror. "W-What the?! ... YES!!!!!"
I dashed back into my bedroom, and saw a press conference going on. "We ask everyone to remain calm. There isn't much we can reveal at the moment, other than that nano ma
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 13 16
Special Treatment (Ilia X Male Reader)
Another RWBY request. :D
Legend: (F/N)First name, (L/N)Last name
Third Person POV:
The day was slowly winding down as Sergeant (L/N) continued to push the White Fang recruits under his command through their basic training. "Amitola get your ass in gear! Buzzkill is already a lap ahead of you!" "*Pant* Sir! He's flying..." "No excuses scale butt!" Ilia mumbled something as she ran to catch up to the rest of the group. "GOOD! Now that our new 'stealth specialist' is pulling her weight we can get to the obstacles." (F/N) hit a button on his control panel, and several walls rose from the ground. "Everybody UP AND OVER!" "SIR YES SIR!"
(F/N)'s training ended about an hour after the sun had set. "Alright, get cleaned up, get something to eat, and get to bed! Tomorrow we start live fire drills!" The recruits let out a sigh of relief, as most of them headed to recover from the day. "What do you say about having dinner in bed to
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 27 36
Mature content
Crime (Fem Torchwick X Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 52 36
Mature content
The Deadly Sins of DxD :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 24 64
A Neko and a Fiend by IgnobleFiend A Neko and a Fiend :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 1 11 Anthy Himemiya by IgnobleFiend Anthy Himemiya :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 0 0 Madoka by IgnobleFiend Madoka :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 2 0 Chun-Li by IgnobleFiend Chun-Li :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 5 0 Inuyasha by IgnobleFiend Inuyasha :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 0 2 Lupin by IgnobleFiend Lupin :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 0 0 Spider Gwen by IgnobleFiend Spider Gwen :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 3 0 Samurai Wolverine by IgnobleFiend Samurai Wolverine :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 2 3 Roronoa Zoro by IgnobleFiend Roronoa Zoro :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 0 0


Moka x Male Reader! The Final Fight! S5! Part 4
Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoy this Chapter :D
???: Begin!
Suddenly Kokoa rushed forward, she went to punch Cyborg but he ducked under it and kicked her into the air, she swung around and started firing off multiple KI blasts at him in which he deflected them all with his arm.
Lord Legolas: how do you like Cyborg, Shuzen!? I built him myself!
Lord Shuzen: ref! is that even aloud!
???: as long as it’s a warrior then yes it’s allowed!
She then flew down and started engaging him in hand to hand combat. He was able to block and dodge all of her attacks with ease. Suddenly he kicked her on the side of the head sending her into the arena, he then grabbed her by the neck and threw her into the air. She regained control and floated in the air for a bit.
Kokoa Thinking: all my attacks aren’t working on him…
He then flew up after her! He then put his hands forward and s
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 12 14
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.4
Sorry the part took a while I had to get rid of some issues anyway onward to the story!
I also decided to change up the characters dialogue to make it less sloppy looking 
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 3 9
Ruby Lycoris by BloodNoryana Ruby Lycoris :iconbloodnoryana:BloodNoryana 11 1
An Outsider: Finale| Nyo!America x M!State!Reader
An Outsider: Finale.
Note: I don't own the Hetalia and all rights belong to their respective owners.
WARNING: Please be aware that this fanfiction will might have some errors, misspellings, mentions of suicide, depression, and poor grammar.

America's Point of View
This can't be happening.
"(S/n)...?" I whispered with disbelief.
I slowly walk towards the body and only to find out that my suspicion has come true. That body belongs to (S/n), laying dead with blood coated all over him. "(S/N)!!! No, no, no!"
"Amelia-san, where are you going!?" Japan asked worryingly.
I rushed over to (S/n)'s body with all of my might despite the sand slowing me down, I run ahead and pray to any damn gods out there that (S/n) is still alive. When I got closer to him my heart stops beating for a second.  
"(S-S/n)?" I whispered again.
His body was dismantled to all hell and the smell of blood was too much for me. His limbs were disjointed, both of his legs were stomped on multipl
:iconsolarxblack:SolarxBlack 10 1
Dimension 63 (RWBY) - Prologue

I was very intrigued at BO3 Revelations ending. Also, on that BO3 zombies craze. My favorite character is between Tank Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski. I know I’m doing a version with Team RWBY, but now it is with more fitting characters and you being included within the four. Your outfit
???: This ain’t funny doc.
???: Turn around. *readies sword*
???: *comes in through window* Slowly.
The three close in on the mysterious figure with their weapons pointed at him and the doctor turns around.
Doctor: Do you know who I am?!
???: Yeah, we know. That’s why you better do EXACTLY what we say.
???: A great evil approaches, there is a chain of events that MUST be set in motion.
??? and ??? look at ??? and ??? gives a nod and the two walk off to deal with the roar and with the roar comes
:iconpopdood:popdood 12 11
To Secure a Better Tomorrow (RWBY) - Prologue

After playing through all of the Black Ops Zombies Easter Eggs, I’m inspired to do this.
~Transmission Begins~
Hello, my name is Y/n L/n and I can tell you that the future is a fucked up mess. You see, there are certain events in the past that have been messed with, people from the past have devastated the future, making entire kingdoms a city of blood and no, this isn’t because of Salem. There’s something out there that is stronger than her and feeds off the chaos and anarchy of it all and she was the perfect catalyst. I have a hypothesis that I am able to change the future by killing those that should’ve died and to eliminate the threat of this new…species by eliminating four specific girls, while also recruiting their past counterparts because if the timeline has changed this much, who knows what else could’ve changed? In fact, I have proof to show you that times has changed.
Let’s start with the y
:iconpopdood:popdood 24 23
Rachnera Arachnera(Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) by LindaRoze Rachnera Arachnera(Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) :iconlindaroze:LindaRoze 269 21 Winry Rockbell Colors by xong Winry Rockbell Colors :iconxong:xong 417 16 Nami .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Nami .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,778 127
Mature content
Yandere Akeno X Yandere Reader :iconrevdavid13:RevDavid13 15 15
Linna collab by RilexLenov Linna collab :iconrilexlenov:RilexLenov 48 13 Gift: Chiye by Final-Boss-Emiko Gift: Chiye :iconfinal-boss-emiko:Final-Boss-Emiko 91 19 Armin dl by MikuMikuKnight Armin dl :iconmikumikuknight:MikuMikuKnight 9 2
RWBY: Don't Run Vol.2 - Keep Running pt1
What up mah peoples? I’m back and I’m bringing a second volume my first multi-chapter series. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the first one, and who knows, I might add some more characters to the reader’s family. Well anyways, let’s get onto the read.
When we last left off, (y/n) had settled down with Cinder, Velvet, and Coco. Together they had five children, Velvet and Coco each had a set of twins and Cinder had a little girl. It was going pretty well until a hooded figure kidnapped Cinder and (y/n)’s halfling child. (y/n) uncovered this person to be Valentine, his best friend from Mountain Glenn before the tunnel accident. But why was (y/n) betrayed? What was Valentine’s purpose behind his actions?
(y/n) hadn’t been sleeping well since Valentine’s betrayal. He couldn’t, not with what Valentine said before mee
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 15
Mature content
RWBY x Male Reader Nothing is True part 1 :iconzianus:Zianus 19 31
Kagura Mikazuchi x Male Reader: Part ONE - New Job
This takes place directly after the Tartaros Arc.
You can make requests in the comments, but only Fairy Tail please.

A few weeks had passed since the dissolution of Fairy Tail, and whilst many members were having success moving on from the guild, the same couldn't be said about the rest of them.
(Full name) was one of many who had found it difficult to move on, and although he had offers from many guilds across Fiore, he simply found it too difficult to move on from something that had given him everything.
He even refused to remove the Fairy Tail guild emblem from his right arm.
However, things weren't TOO bad for (First name), as he had almost immediately acquired a job as a bartender in a rather run-down old bar on the outskirts of Magnolia. Yes, the place smelled awful; yes, the pay was absolute garbage; and yes, the only house that he could afford was also old and run down, but looking past all of that he found a welcome distraction from Fairy Tail.
(F/N): "Finally, it's cl
:iconmessorem9:messorem9 22 29



Quick question:  For the Anti-Hero story, you guys want a hover turret with mortars and a flame thrower, or a snarky floating robot sidekick with a force field, and energy bullets?
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Dc Universe Online X Anti-Hero Reader Part 2!

Legend: (F/N)First name, (AH/N)Anti-Hero name, (H/C)Hair color,

Batwoman and Batgirl are two different characters.
Batgirl = Oracle

Part Two: Crows and Lady Bats

(F/N)'s POV:

I stepped out of the GCPD showers all squeaky clean, and happy. The nanotech in my hair kept my soft, puffy (H/C) afro in pristine condition. "Enjoying the view ladies?~" I asked after seeing all the female officers staring at me. What were they staring at? Might have been my 'fro, could have been my sweet black tribal tattoo, BUUUTTT~ I think we all know what they were eyeballing. "Might wana take photos while you can.~" I jokingly said with a wink only for some of them to pull out their cell phones! A few minutes later the clicks stopped, and I put my costume on; my afro pulling it's self against my head so my mask could fit.

*Classic Batman theme music* "Hello?~" "I have a job for you." "You're the one writing the checks Batman, what's up?" "Scarecrow has escaped Arkham Asylum, and is filling Gotham's East End with fear gas. Ready to face your nightmares?" Batman shut off the communicator. "Cottage cheese." I shivered at the thought as I walked out of the station. "What the?!" I asked once I saw that Scarecrow had his guys using fear gas foggers at the construction site across the street. "The bad guys are RIGHT THERE! Whay arent you guys stopping them?" I asked one of the cops standing next to me. "There are other officers handling the situation further in." "What about the guys that are right here?" "... Dispatch we have a suspicious character causing a scene." "I get it, I'm going. Sheesh."

"Well the situation wont get any better until the gas stops being released into the air, so I guess I'll start there. "JUSTICE? SCREW THAT, BULLETS RAIN FROM ABOVE!" I shouted while soaring through the night sky, and shooting the short fat guys in masks that were operating the fear gas foggers. "Mr. (AH/N)! How did you become so AWESOME?" I asked myself with a fake newscaster voice. "I killed lots of people." I chuckled a little, and flew off.

As I flew toward the center of the fear gas cloud, my comlink picked up a news cast from Vikki Vale. Long story short, Batman's number one fan girl is starting to doubt him. "We need assistance! Scarecrow's thugs are everywhere, and the civilians under the effect of the fear gas are attacking!" "Don't worry hazmat guys! I'm on my way to shoot all of your problems!"

The situation was easily settled. I shot the jerks playing with the foggers in the area, shot the jerks that were curb stomping the hasmat guys, and I gently restrained the halucinating locals, and helped them calm down so the hasmat guys could help them. "You're a real hero!" I shook my head. "No good sir, I'm just a guy who's getting paid to solve the problems the hero's can't."

I saw that more stuff was happening near the chemical plant, so I made my way over there. 'Hasmat guys in trouble, aaaannnnddd I guess the fear gas is getting to me 'cause I see blurry shuffling monster things.' "Note to self, make better mask air filter." I landed on a roof, and helped one of the hasmat guys with an air scrubber. Once the machine was done, the hasmat guy had me take the toxin barrel to a 'safe zone'. Flying was getting tough, so I just walked as I shot one of the 'monsters'. Surprise; the monsters were actually the same jerks I've been killing this whole time. "Head shots for EVERYONE!" *BANG* *BANG* *BANG BANG BANG* "Don't worry, I've got one for you too!~" Just before I pulled the trigger I noticed something odd. So instead I shot the 'monster's' shoulder. *BANG* "AAHHH! Calm down I'm one of the good guys!" 'Soo there are other hasmat guys out here.' "Sorry bout that.~"

I finished clearing out Scarecrow's lackeys, and getting the rest of air scrubbers working. "The doctors near have finished producing an antidote, but their underfire!" "Save the doctors! (AH/N) AWAY!" While in the somewhat cleared air, I picked up a call from Batman to a Detective Bullock, talking about Batwoman being in the area with an older version of the antidote. "Sooo the mature bat babe is somewhere near by? ... Wonder if she's still single?" 'That gorgeous red hair~. ... Now that I think about it, she does look a lot like what batgirl would if she wasn't forced to 'retire'.'

"Ehhh what's up doc?" I joked as I landed next to a doctor, and a cop. "Hold off Scarecrow's goons so I can treat these people." "'K." *BANG* "You know I'm actually a really generous guy." *BANG* "I prefer to do head shots..." *BANG!* "So the good organs can be given to people who..." *BANG* "Won't waste them trying to..." *BANG *BANG* *BANG* "Kill me." "All done. OH MY GOODNESS!" What's the matter doc? You said to 'Hold off' the guys trying to kill you." I patted the doctor on the back as he threw up in a corner. "Thanks for the help, I'll get the Doctor to safety." "Yeah, Yeah the costumed freak did great, now if only he'd get off his ass, and do something!" An obece D-bag with a detectives badge bitched as he walked up. "Detective Bullock Sir!" "Do something? I've been doing everything while you were hiding behind your car lard ass. Now if your done breathing at me, I've got a job to finish while you continue clogging your arteries"

~Time Skip~

I was going around The East End shooting more people when I picked up Batwoman's signal somewhere under me, but it quickly cut out. "Don't worry bat lady, I'll save your fine leather clad behind!" I popped a manhole cover open, and jumpped in. "This whole place is full of fear gas! Get those leaking barrels out of there!" Oracle yelled in my ear. "Aww, I didn't know you cared~" "I, you, I'm just worried about Batwoman, so I've been monitoring your mission." "Right~" Halucinations kept appearing as I cleared out the gas, but I just ignored them. "You can't stop us." More shuffling halucinations appeared, but they were different. "Yay, more chumps to shoot." I waited till they got closer so I could play with them. "Get him!" I threw out a smoke screen, and a hologram generator. While they shot at my hologram, I shot at them. *BANG* One shot to the back of the head each, all execution style.~

A short walk away. I found Scarecrow standing over Batwoman. He said something about her being broken, and testing me. Scarecrow vanished, and Batwoman got up. "Blah, blah, blah, Fear of EXPLOSIONS!" A giant Scarecrow appeared, that hoisted a rocket launcher onto his shoulder, but I shot a bunch of holes through him before he could shoot. The 'Scarecrow' exploded into a bunch of blurry birds, that I also shot.~ "Blah, blah, blah, fear of LIGHTNING!" Batwoman started to freak out as electricity jumped around another giant Scarecrow. *BANG* The lightning 'Scarecrow' burst into another flock of birds, and we all know how that went.~ "BLAH! Blah, blah FEAR OF REPTILES!" The next thing was much more fun, as a few dozen 'Killer Crocks' tried to mob Batwoman and I, but a few grenades ended my fun all too quickly.

"Here's a good one! Blah, blah, blah FEAR OF BETRAYAL, but since your family is SO BORING, I'll have to make some of my own!" A deformed Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Black Canary, and Huntress started to attack us. *BANG* "These copies suck, Huntress is wwwaaayyy tougher than that." *BANG* "Canary didn't even scream at me." *BANG* "Boy Wonder bites the bullet." *BANG* "Night Nightwing." *BANG BANG BANG* "Joker wishes it was that easy to drop the bat." "BLAH! BLAH! BLLLLAAAHHHH! I'm out of gas?! I'll just have to kill you myself!" Scarecrow and a hand full of his people ran out from around the corner, but I shot out one of Scarecrow's kidneys while killing the others. "Boring.~" Batwoman tied up Scarecrow, and Batman told me to leave the rest to him. 'Batman must want the glory for himself. He must have caught Vikki's news report too... Meh as long as he pays me.~" I climbed out another man hole, and flew off.

That's Just Super P2
batgirl gif stephanie brown And part 2! :D

Another potential waifu, but that's up to you guys. =P

DC Comics, Universe Online, and all else DC belongs to the good folks that own them. You own you.

Let me know that you think. :)


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Hi! :happybounce:

If ya need someone to listen, or just want to talk, I'm usually good for it. :D

If you love something or hate something that's cool, but don't try to crap on others for not feeling or thinking the same as you. ;)



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